Use PR and Other Media Power to Penetrate Markets
Become a “Thought Leader” (#2 of 2)
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You don’t have the time to knock on enough doors to succeed – even if you were willing to do it, and people would let you in.  

The power of established trade media is undeniable. You need the reach and credibility of the media that your prospects trust. They’ve already earned the attention of your optimal prospects, they maintain a vibrant discussion of the most relevant topics, and when you appear in them, you borrow their credibility. I may not have heard of you before, but if your article or quote appears in Wireless Monthly, you must be legit, right?

Learning Category- Marketing: Generating Opportunities to Sell (Getting Found)

For what do you want to be known? The process of identifying the source of real opportunity for you, and attracting the attention of the right kind of clients for the right reasons. It’s not who you know, but who knows you -- more importantly, what they know you for.  The good news is that it’s completely within your control.