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At a networking event, you met someone who has a business problem that requires your legal expertise, and he's agreed to speak with you by phone to discuss the problem further. Here’s what to do.

Here are two scenarios RainmakerVT users encounter all the time:

  1. A prospect who's read your articles, and heard your name bandied about her industry, contacts you to ask you about a problem she has.
  2. Out in the real world, you applied what you learned in the RainmakerVT Networking Event simulation, and it worked. A prospect has agreed to speak with you next week about a problem he has.

Congratulations. Now, how do you manage these sales calls most effectively?

RainmakerVT has anticipated all the challenges you’ll face in this situation, and created an interactive, simulated sales call. As in all our simulations, you’ll manage an avatar through a series of decisions about what to say or do next. Following each decision you make, you’ll get immediate context-sensitive video coaching so you’ll know why that choice was or wasn’t optimal. You’ll see that, just as in your law practice, these interactions are filled with subtlety and nuance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recruit the buyer’s gatekeeper as an ally
  • How to manage the sales investigation, and
  • How to help the buyer make a decision.

(There’s a surprise twist at the end that you’ll recognize as part of the reality that you must deal with.)

2 Bonuses:

Practice Mode: After you complete the simulation more than once, you’re probably thinking, “I’ve got that process down.” You may, but just before you go to apply that skill in the real world, it’s a good idea to refresh what you learned. We know you won’t have time to repeat the full simulation, so Practice Mode lets you go through a 5-minute review/refresher of the decisions from the networking simulation without the video instruction or coaching.

Ready Mode: There’s a difference between learning something and having it available on demand in the real world, where there’s no time to think about your response. The only way that happens is with practice and repetition.

If you repeat the simulation and use the Practice Mode frequently, it’s time for Ready Mode, where you prove to yourself that you’ve internalized the skills you learned in the simulation, and that you can count on them in the real world.

Completing Ready Mode within a time limit that doesn’t permit thinking about the answer, and where each incorrect response means starting over (like a game), proves that you’ve internalized the skill and can perform it in the real world without thinking. It means you own that skill.

Learning Category- Sales: Converting Opportunities into Clients (Getting Chosen)

In 30% of selling situations, “No Decision” is the winner. That’s because it's rare for either buyers or sellers to have a reliable decision-making process. The resulting frustration leads to “decision fatigue” that causes buyers to abandon the effort.  By providing and facilitating a reliable decision process, you deliver great value long before you’re hired -- and raise the odds of getting hired.

Lawyers have managed to get found for a long time (though haphazardly), but few have a reliable process to help those who find them make smart, well-informed, self-interested decisions, quickly and confidently. The “Getting Chosen” courses teach you how to focus on facilitating a decision reliably in a way that clients prefer, thereby earning trust and preserving access.