Expand Your Network from Your Desk
Make “Thought Leadership” Pay Off (#1 of 2)
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Who says you have to go to networking events to build up a contact list or referral network?

Does it make sense to maintain some face time with your optimal prospects? Sure. To build up a sizable network, however, the face-to-face process is too slow, too expensive, and most lawyers find it very uncomfortable. Instead, using this process, you’ll manufacture a vibrant network of contacts who match your optimal prospect, a network interested in your ideas, because of your relevance to their businesses --all this without leaving your desk, and without regard to geography.

There’s no need for you to be limited to your local area. You’ll find that many clients care more about how much you understand their problem than where you’re located.

Writing an article is the beginning, not the end.  Learn how to use an article idea to manufacture a network of people of exactly the right type for you. This is among the most efficient strategies you can employ because it simultaneously serves three important purposes:

Market/opportunity validation

Market penetration

Network expansion

This course is an interactive simulation. You’ll learn by doing as you manage an avatar through a series of “say/do” decisions to progress, choosing from among five responses. For each response, you’ll receive immediate video coaching explaining why that choice was or wasn’t optimal.

2 Bonuses:

Practice Mode: After you complete the simulation more than once, you’re probably thinking, “I’ve got that process down.” You may, but just before you go to apply that skill in the real world, it’s a good idea to refresh what you learned. We know you won’t have time to repeat the full simulation, so Practice Mode lets you go through a 5-minute review/refresher of the decisions from the networking simulation without the video instruction or coaching.

Ready Mode: There’s a difference between learning something and having it available on demand in the real world, where there’s no time to think about your response. The only way that happens is with practice and repetition.

If you repeat the simulation and use the Practice Mode frequently, it’s time for Ready Mode, where you prove to yourself that you’ve internalized the skills you learned in the simulation, and that you can count on them in the real world.

Completing Ready Mode within a time limit that doesn’t permit thinking about the answer, and where each incorrect response means starting over (like a game), proves that you’ve internalized the skill and can perform it in the real world without thinking. It means you own that skill.

Learning Category- Marketing: Generating Opportunities to Sell (Getting Found)

For what do you want to be known? The process of identifying the source of real opportunity for you, and attracting the attention of the right kind of clients for the right reasons. It’s not who you know, but who knows you -- more importantly, what they know you for.  The good news is that it’s completely within your control.