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Become a “Thought Leader” (#1 of 2)
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Your “brand” is whatever people hear you talk about regularly. Become known as an expert on an issue that's just beginning to be recognized, but has impact that will make it count. Forget about law practice specialty nouns, e.g., “employment lawyer,” “M&A lawyer,” etc. There are thousands upon thousands of lawyers each wearing such labels, guaranteeing that they’ll remain undifferentiated. Instead, associate yourself with business issues that drives demand for your service.

Learning Category- Marketing: Generating Opportunities to Sell (Getting Found)

For what do you want to be known? The process of identifying the source of real opportunity for you, and attracting the attention of the right kind of clients for the right reasons. It’s not who you know, but who knows you -- more importantly, what they know you for.  The good news is that it’s completely within your control.