Networking Essentials

As you learned by reading The Five Networking Mistakes Lawyers Make, most lawyers go about the whole networking thing the wrong way. They network aimlessly instead of hunt with purpose and focus. They waste a lot of time at events and get few real prospects, but create a lot of pointless follow-up obligations. The result: They become frustrated and discouraged. 

On the few occasions when they do meet a real prospect, they don’t know how to convert it reliably into a paying client.

There’s no reason to go through this, not for even one more day.

RainmakerVT’s Networking Essentials package teaches you how to turn a networking event into a profitable investment by being completely prepared to make the most of the time you invest. 

You’ll know

  • Exactly who you’re hunting
  • How to approach them in a way that sets a foundation for a business relationship
  • How to create natural continuity that simplifies follow-up and tees you up to get a decision
  • How to turn a gatekeeper into an ally
  • How to manage that call or meeting to a decision

Included Courses