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Why do I train and coach lawyers?

At some level, we all want to make a difference. That certainly includes me. My way of doing that is to help lawyers create a practice that changes their lives. One that includes:

work they find professionally stimulating and challenging

clients they like and enjoy

professional respect and appreciation

financial security

Everyone should have the opportunity to be successful, happy, and fulfilled in their job. I’ve figured out how to make that happen for lawyers reliably, and I enjoy helping them get there.

What, exactly, do I do for lawyers?

For most lawyers, business development feels complicated, confusing, uncomfortable, and for some, overwhelming and intimidating.

I make it simple. Understandable. Clear. Manageable. Sometimes, it's even fun. (Yes, fun.)

I give you the tools you need, and actually help you with the day-to-day process of creating the practice you deserve.

How do I do it?

I don’t. We do. Developing new skills requires a mix of three important components:


Education is knowledge transfer. It enables business development awareness and understanding, and may shift attitudes and beliefs. Learning enables performance, but has little immediate effect on performance because it doesn’t involve “doing.” It's the "knowing" foundation for successful doing.


Training is doing and practicing. It yields capability and confidence. When athletes train, they don’t sit in a classroom and learn about their sport, or read about it. They perform the skill they’re trying to get good at—over and over, practicing until it’s part of them. They form habits that let them perform under pressure.


Coaches help lawyers apply the skills they learned via education and training. Until you have experience, you rely on the Coach’s experience and ability to prepare you for what will happen during encounters with clients and prospects. You borrow the Coach’s words and savvy until you develop your own. 

Individually, each of these is necessary, but not sufficient. When combined, and added to your sustained effort and commitment, my proven concepts, tools, and processes will help you create the law practice—and the life—you really want. 

I’m in the “how” business. I don’t just tell you what to do. I show you how to do it. All the way down to the dialogue level.

You don’t need new skills. You just need to learn how to apply the skills you’ve already mastered—your “lawyering” skills—to getting business. To get hired, do the same things before you're hired that you're accustomed to doing after you’re hired.

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