Is Your Client List as Good as Your "Lawyering" Skills

You worked long and hard to become a great lawyer.

RainmakerVT will teach you how to get great clients.


Is Your Client List as Good as Your "Lawyering" Skills

You worked long and hard to become a great lawyer.

RainmakerVT will teach you how to get great clients.

Legal Sales & Marketing Training.  Now Online.

RainmakerVT is a library of online courses that teach lawyers business development skills.

Short Duration

No, this isn't going back to law school. RainmakerVT courses are designed to be short and actionable.  Each tutorial is explained in the context of an actual scenario that lawyers face, such as how to generate business from a networking event.


Information you can actually use, today

Aspirational ideas are great, but if you can't actually use them, they aren't very effective.  RainmakerVT courses are concrete and clear.  You won't find any fluff here.


Review as often as you like

The key advantage of online courses is that you get to review the material as often as you like.


Become an Expert

RainmakerVT's tutorials are designed so you can master material, not just become serviceable. 





What's a "Rainmaker" and why should I care? 

Rainmakers seem to be the stuff of law practice legend. Together, a relative handful of men and women largely finance their law firms. But, what is a rainmaker, exactly?

A rainmaker isn't a wizard with magic client-getting powers, but a consistent, reliable contributor whose aggregate contributions exceed a certain economic threshold. The key word is "contribution."  

None began with a grand package of skills, but by succeeding at one discrete marketing or sales activity, then another, and another, until over time they had accumulated sufficient skill and experience that they became reliable. 


To be a rainmaker, a lawyer must be a skilled contributor.  What does that mean?

  • It means attending a networking event, and returning with a prospect to sell to.
  • It means writing an article that causes the right people to see you as relevant to their business, and choose to remain in contact with you.
  • It means speaking at industry events, and learning from those who approach you afterward how the issue you discussed affects their company and their careers, and arranging to discuss those particulars privately.
  • It means meeting with clients and prospects and helping them achieve a deeper understanding of the issues they face, clarify their options, and make sound decisions. (Sounds a lot like what you do after you get hired, doesn't it?)

You may say to yourself, "I do all that stuff. I go to networking events, write articles, speak before industry groups, and go on sales calls." Yes, you do. But what does that effort produce? For too many lawyers, it produces fatigue and frustration. 

RainmakerVT will teach you those skills, from the convenience of your computer or tablet, on your schedule, in 15-30 minute bursts.

I'm motivated to get started.  How do I do it?

"Business development" (marketing and sales to the rest of the world) requires more than motivation, time and effort. It takes capability, which is the product of knowledge, skill, practice, and experience.  And all that requires training.

Our training approach is different than every approach you've experienced or heard of

Most training requires you to commit to a lengthy series of seminars and coaching, in the belief that at some unspecified date in the future, you'll become a rainmaker of some unspecified degree.

The "protracted learning, delayed success" approach doesn't work with lawyers, who have too much to do, and too little time to do it. The result is two tiresome battles: Battling with you to complete a lengthy training program, and battling with you to apply it in the marketplace before you forget it.

That's backwards. Why not begin with what you've already decided to do? Why not make you really good at the thing you're going to do next, say, in the next week or less? 

RainmakerVT's focused, efficient courses will make you successful at the things you've already decided to do

And you'll only have to invest 15-30 minutes to develop each separate capability (ideally, just before you have to use it).

Because you'll be better prepared through a concrete approach in which all the "how" has been provided, you'll feel more confident, and you'll come home with tangible results the first time, every time.

Whether you're a solo at the pointy end of the business development stick every day, or a big firm lawyer trying to increase your professional and financial security, or somewhere in between, we can help.


The RainmakerVT Story


Known throughout the law business for the past 20 years simply as “The Coach,” Mike is best described as a “serial innovator.”  

With co-founder Craig Levinson, his most recent breakthrough is RainmakerVT, the first just-in-time interactive virtual rainmaking training that not only teaches lawyers how to earn high-value clients, but also enables them to gain practical experience in the virtual world far in excess of anything available to them in the real world. 

In this virtual world, lawyers manage an avatar through a series of decisions as they progress through simulated networking events, sales calls, beauty contests and other typical market activities. Through context-sensitive video coaching at each decision point, they learn, make mistakes, and practice in the safety of a private virtual world where no one sees their mistakes.

In early 2009, to help law firms overcome their recession-driven conflict between the need to get more lawyers involved in sales and the cost-cutting that inhibited their ability to provide proper sales support or training, Mike created Decisive Advantage, a budget-neutral, success-based contingency sales coaching service that enabled untrained lawyers to produce immediate revenue.  An official opinion by the ABA’s leading expert in law firm marketing/sales ethics affirmed its compliance with Rule 5.4 ethical requirements.

He also conceived and developed TeamPath, the opt-in, role-specific client team process that, in addition to growing the client strategically and economically, teaches lawyers how to develop business relationships based on knowledge of the client's business – eliminating dependence on outside consultants and the need for future sales training expense.  Applied to one law firm's energy client, in a single year the TeamPath implementation achieved every one of its dozen specific goals, which included penetrating two new classes of service, and yielded a 35% year-to-year revenue increase – from a client that had declared a flat legal budget for the year.  


What they're saying


What they're saying

RainmakerVT is an intriguing option for lawyers trying to grow their business but who need a little help. The information in the lessons is practical and useful.
— Chandra Lewnau, TechnoLawyer
After going through the RainmakerVT system, I was surprised by the intensity of my reaction, which is that it’s an ‘absolute must’ for any attorney selling legal services
— In House Counsel, Leading Aviation Company
I think the product is great. It’s very engaging, and I was able to stay tremendously focused. I go to for or five networking events a week, and RainmakerVT presents you with very true-to-life scenarios. I’ve never seen anything like this out there.
— Lawyer, Lexington, VA
Over about 15 years, I brought Mike’s training system into four different law firms. in each instance, the results were the same: the lawyers who embraced the training and applied the system produced dramatic results. Now, this next example only happened once, but at one firm, we had a litigator who’s never brought in a nickel become a top-tier rainmaker, ultimately building his practice to the neighborhood of $40 million per year, which you’ll agree is a very nice neighborhood, indeed.
— Business Development Officer at multiple law firms